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Hong Kong W H electronic technology Co., Ltd. is an electronic technology company engaged in the research and development, procurement and sales of mobile phones and electronic products accessories. The company has a number of r & D backbone committed to r & D more convenient people's electronic products and accessories.

After years of exploration of our mature procurement channels, to ensure the quality of r & D products, at the same time we have a strong marketing team, a sound and complete management plan, at the same time in the formation of a mature after-sales service team, for customers to solve the worries.  With the development of China's market economy, the company vigorously implements the business strategy of professionalism, internationalization and diversification, and promotes the group operation, intensive development and lean management. Through the rich series of products and project portfolio and complete operation network,  To build the company into a modern enterprise with scientific development concept, continuous innovation vitality, excellent corporate culture, strong sense of social responsibility and world-class competitiveness.

We firmly believe that "brand" is not only a trademark, a product, but also a quality. It maintains consumers' trust in the enterprise with good quality;

Wonderful moment, eternal charm
Shoot true colors anytime, anywhere; Follow your
heart and be yourself!


Continuation of classic manufacturing in the digital age ——
There is no need to pause your favorite music and talk while listening; Insight into the surrounding environment at any time, do not miss important voice prompts, and actions are safer


It's all under your control ——

Touch your fingertips to control your heart Perfectly ergonomic,


Hong Kong W H electronic technology Co., Ltd

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